Family relationships whether it be marital or parental is the critical component to helping adults and children to feel successful in life. Since humans don't come with a manual, reach out to NC Family & Parent Consultants for a range of services providing solutions for children, adults, families and organizations.





  • Individual & Family Consultation


  • Parent Counseling


  • On-site Workshops for Organizations

Do you have a young child?

Support for parents of young children may be available at no cost to you!


* Tantrums * Toileting * Sleep * Discipline * Social Skills * Development * Sibling Issues * Aggression


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For Anxiety


Often children’s books can also be helpful for adults when looking for ways to decrease anxiety. The Worry Woos series tells a tale of a monster that lives with anxiety and helpful cognitive behavioral strategies.

For Sleep Issues


The lack of sleep impacts everyone at one time or another. If sleep issues are consistently present, many other issues can begin to happen. Sleepless in America by Mary Kurcinka is a book with helpful ideas for children and adults.