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Individual and Family Consultuation

Child, adult, family and couples counseling is available. Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length and payment is due at each session unless other arrangements have been made. Your goals are the starting point!


A non judgmental, nurturing and encouraging environment is created  to support movement towards your goals. The most helpful work is done outside of the session, therefore “homework” assignments are encouraged.


Children needing therapeutic support will receive interactive play, problem solving training and skill building sessions that focus on stabilizing their mood and/or behavior.


With your consent, a collaborative approach for treatment may often include contacting professionals working with you, such as a psychiatrist or school counselor or communicating with significant family or friends involved with your care.



Parent Counseling

Parent consultation is a way to get one on one parenting guidance with a variety of concerns. This process typically involves an initial meeting with parents to identify parenting goals and/or child behavior goals. The parents and clinician will then create a plan. Some plans may require only the parents to attend sessions and other plans may involve parents and children together or individual seesions with your child. Meetings can occur in our office or in the comfort of your home (additional fees may apply for home meetings)


Contact me to schedule a consultation appointment or to get more information.


Concerns may include but not limited to:

  • discipline

  • social skills

  • adoption issues

  • special needs

  • sleep issues

  • sibling issues

  • toilet training

  • aggression

  • readiness skills

  • bullying

  • school behaviors

  • homework battles

  • family stress

  • ADHD strategies

  • developmental skills

  • managing anger



Workshops are available to organizations upon request. I offer the following topics:


  • Age Matters: Understanding Your Child at Their Unique Developmental Stage

  • Discipline that Keeps You Calm and Connected to Your Child

  • When Nothing You've Tried Works: Parenting the Challenging Child

  • Anger: What to do Instead of Mad

  • Quick Tips for Discipline

  • Parenting the Special Needs Child

  • Creating a Home that Encourages Learning


Please contact me for pricing and special requests


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