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NC Family & Parent Consultants is dedicated to getting timely and helpful information into the hands of families to support healthy solutions.


Family relationships whether it be marital or parental is the critical component to helping adults and children feel successful in life. Since humans don't come with a manual, NC Family & Parent Consultants provides a range of solutions for children, adults, families and organizations.



Toqui Kennedy, MA, LPA



​Toqui relocated from New York to North Carolina in 1994 after receiving her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology from the City University of New York. She is a Licensed Psychological Associate through the NC Psychology Board and has worked for over 20 years providing solution focused counseling and educational support to children and families. Toqui has served as a psychologist in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and as an individual therapist providing psychological services/play based counseling to children and adults.


Prior to starting NC Family & Parent Consultants, Toqui worked as a Psychologist/Parent Consultant/Educator for 10 years with Project Enlightenment, a prevention and intervention organization in Wake County. She has supported parents in a variety of areas, such as helping parents develop effective discipline plans, reducing child stress in situations of divorce/separation and anger management. She has supported individuals and families in finding practical strategies to anxiety, ADHD, depression and life stressors. In addition, Toqui is certified to provide EMDR therapy for trauma.


Toqui was also instrumental in co-authoring "The Literacy Connection at Home" family education curriculum - a curriculum designed for professionals to provide quality parent involvement opportunities to the family members of preschoolers. The curriculum is actively used in Wake County Schools and other education institutions outside of North Carolina.


Toqui believes that successful families create a successful society and she is committed to doing her part. Toqui lives in Cary with her spouse and son.



The Courtyards

103 Kilmayne Drive, Suite D

Cary, NC 27511

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